Top 5 Best Earphones under 1000 INR

5 Best Earphones under 1000 Rs. || 2020

Smartphone companies today are increasing to market  smartphones with very specific Earphones. And they are promoting very branded earphones at a very high price which is often  affordable to many people. So peoples are looking for relative cheap earphones to enjoy music on their smartphones. We are listing the best earphones under 1000 INR to help you in your earphones search. Depending on your preference, you get under 1000 from over list  of the best earphones to have a good global musical experience. Most of these always come with a headset, so you can use it as well for for hands-free calling or  voice- calling.

Price in earphones are in important piece of  hardware each person needs and there is a long list to chosen from. Some provide strong bass, some provide good audio balance, while other have neutral loud audio.

this is the list of best earphones offered in India under 1000 INR. After doing research on every function of the earphone, we have made this list. You have buy any of them as your selection without thinking too.

  • SENNHEISER CX 180 - Rs. 649.00

without mic

  • 10 days Replacement 
  • 2 year warranty 
  • powerful, bass-driven stereo sound 
  • Provides unparalleled bass sound with stereo sound that is balanced and high-resolution and minimizes ambient noise outside for better listening

  • Specification :
  •  Frequency Response  

      20 Hz - 20,000 Hz 

     Cable Length

      1.2 m with  3.5 mm plug 

     Sound pressure level 

      110 DB 

Full Specification ............. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 

  • SONY MDR-EX 150 - Rs. 990.00 

without Mic

This pair of in-ear headphones by Sony is lightweight, comfortable and compact. This headphones has shiny metallic finished earplugs,which gives it a sturdy look. you can wear it with style. 

  • comfortable and secure-fitting silicone earbuds
  • lightweight for ultimate music mobility
  • 10 days Replacement
  • 1 year warranty 

  • 3.5 mm plug

This head plug has a 3.5 mm mini connector. you can attach the small round connector to any standard phone,  music player, TV etc. This is the basic plug size for most devices.

  • 1- button Remote 
This earphone has one key to play, answer and hang up calls conveniently with a simple press of a button 

  • Specification :

 Item weight  

 4.54 g


 3.5 mm 


 9 mm 

full Specification ..............<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  • JBL C200SI - Rs. 699.00

with mic

The JBL C200SI provides a clear and potent bass experience. It has a premium-looking design which really feels good. The earphone is comfortable in the ears too. It has a single button which can be used as remote for playing and pausing the audio, as well as an integrated microphone. The earphone comes in three pairs of mini, medium , and large earbuds.

  • 10 days Replacement 
  • 1 year warranty 
  • JBL signature sound

  • Specification :

 Driver size 9 mm 
 Frequency  range 20 - 200 khz 
 Cable length  1.2 m 

Full specification................ <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  • JBL C 150 SI - Rs.485.00

with mic 

JBL C150 SI is microphone buttoned in-ear earphones. it's got powerful bass and great mods. This earphones features strong performing 9 mm sound drivers. The earphone has a noise cancellation features which allows you to enjoy music without disturbance. 

  • 10 days Replacement
  • 6 months warranty
  • JBL signature sound 
  • Compatible with all android and ios device 

  • Specification :

 Weight 49.9 g 
 Driver  9 mm 
 Cable length  1.2 m

Full Specification........... <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  • House of Marley Smile Jamaica EM-JEO41-DN 

with  mic 

JBL C150 -SI a microphones in-earphone with a click. It's got potent bass and great mods. This earphones features strong performing 9 mm sound drivers. It has strong earbuds in its ear which are very easy.

  • 10 days Replacement
  • Tangle -free, Durable fabric cable
  • In-line microphone

  • Specification :

 Driver Size   9 mm 
 Driver Sensitivity  98 db 
 Frequency Range   20 Hz - 20 KHz 
 Item Weight  18.1 g 

There are many earphones available in this price range. But you will be happy if you pick any of the above mentioned. These are the best earphones with under 1000. I have produced several list to make your purchasing decisions easier.

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