Whatsapp Pay now available for users in India

 Whatsapp pay Starts in India

Whatsapp has the opportunity to complete with India's leaders and reshape digital payments, a market that is expected to rise $1 trillion by 2023.

For year, Facebook has been testing Watsapp payments in India.


  • In India, Whatsapp pay has officially gone online.
  • In its website, Whastapp said it wants to make exchanging money as easy as sending message on the app.
  • Both IOS and Android Users have access to Whatsapp Payements.

πŸ‘‰In India,

Whatsapp Pay has finally gone official. The company announced on friday that the feauters will be available beginning today in India. In its website, Watsapp said it wants to make exchanging money as easy as sending message on the app. There are currently serval payment applications in India, including paytm, phonepe, google pay, among others.  

  • In the world's largest open technology market, India allowed Facebook Inc. to start oprating its Whatsapp payments service. Whatsapp pay will go live, said the National payments corporation of  India in a statement Thursday, using the homegrown, multibank Unified payments interface. 
  • Starting with as many as 20 million custmores, the U.S firm will steadly grow its UPI base. Besides years, Facebook has been evaluting Whatsapp payments in India, but regulatory have staopped a very limited number of users from the app's pilot project. 

πŸ‘‰In a website announcing the new features, whatsapp said, "Starting today, through whatsapp, people across india will be able to send money." This scure payment experiance makes it just as simple as sending a message to move money. Without having excahnge cash in person or going a nearby bank, people can easily transfer money to a family member or share the cost of goods from a distance. 

  • The aggrement is the latest achivement for the billioner mark zuckerberg- helmed company that purchased $5.7 billion in april by agreeing to acquire a 9.99% stake in the digital service unit of Mr.Ambani, Jio plateforms Ltd. 
  • As corporate teach giants doubled in parterning with asia's wealthiest man and India's most powerfull business cheif, Mr.Ambani's unit has attracted more than $20 billion from investors including Intel Corp. and Google.
India is the largest market for Facebook and Whatsapp, at a time when the american corporation is serching for plates to add new custmores when more profitable markets such as the U.S and Europe become saturated. 

πŸ‘‰Whatsapp Rollout

Well that before tie up with Mr.Ambani, Facebook Whatsapp payment rollsout was in the works. The app, which had been in test mode for almost three years with a million users, was said to be close a getting the green light for its payment service in february.

In past years, Whatsapp has added commerce features, including product cataloges and shops, so that small business can directly promote and sell products through the app. The company also hopes to use these products cataloges to introduce small businesses to other Facebook resources, such as advertisment and customers support software, as a jumping off point.

In collaboration with the National payments corporation of india (NPCI), Whatsapp has developed its payment functionally using the Unified payment iterface (UPI) and india-first, a real-time payment system that allows transactions with more than 160 supported banks.

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