Best Diets for Weight Loss

Asking yourself these question before starting new diet is important. Is is sustainable?  Does it prohibit particular foods, such as your favorite one? Can you maintain this diet while dining out and interacting with your family? Beaver says.

1). Middle eastern diets

This is repeat favorite from the previous year. Middle eastern diets include plenty of beans, fruits, leafy greens, and whole grains, based on heart healthy lifestyle of Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal. They include healthy fats like avocado, olive oils, nuts and fish twice in a week.

How it helps you lose weight: 

Though the main draw of this diet is its host of health advantages- it can reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases and cognitive decline- it can also help you lose weight if your daily calorie consumption 1500 or fewer.

Furthermore, the middle eastern diets promotes consuming a lot of foods high in antioxidants, which may help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress by reducing oxidative stress. 

Additionally, recent research have revealed that the middle eastern diets is linked to a lower risk of mental diseases, such as depression and cognitive loss. 


the eastern diet places a strong emphasis on consuming lots of fruits, vegetables, fish and healthy fats while avoiding refined and heavily processed foods. Despite not being a diets for weight loss, research have shown that it can aid in both weight loss and general health.   

2). Vegetarian or vegan and plants-based diets:

The most well-known plant-based diets, which avoid animal product for ethical, environmental, and health grounds, are vegetarianism.

Typical vegetarian diets exclude all forms of meat but permit dairy items. Vegan diets typically forbid the consumption of any animal products, including dairy, butter, and occasionally other byproducts like honey.

3). The DASH diet:

DASH or Dietary approaches to stop hypertension is an eating strategy created to assist in the treatment of high blood pressure, also referred to as hypertension.

While not being a weight loss diet, many people who follow the DASH diet claim to have lost weight. 

The DASH diet suggest particular portion of food groups. Your daily calorie intake determine how many portions you should consume.


A low-sodium diet that has been demonstrated to help people lose weight in DASH diet.

4). Alternate day fasting:

An eating plan known as low-curb cycles between periods of fasting and eating. Dieting through generally associated with weight loss, may offer significant advantages for your body and brain.

There are major benefits of fasting, including lower stress, enhanced brain health, increased insulin sensitivity  and anti-aging effects.

According to other research, dieting increases fat burning while maintaining muscular mass, which boost metabolism. 


Phases of dieting between times when you eat. It has been connected to numerous additional health advantages as well as being proven to help with weight loss.

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